Say Hello to LowRx.

Designed exclusively for Apple Passbook, LowRx discount pharmacy prescription pass can save you up to 75% off your next prescription at any US pharmacy. No sign up is required, simply download a pass to your passbook and show to your pharmacist’s assistant at your next visit. You can use it as many times as you want and there is no cost to you - no membership plans or contracts, it's free! To get you started, you will need a passbook pass grab one here.

Don't have a smartphone or have an Android?
No problem...print one here.

Get A Free LowRx Card

Step by Step Instructions

When you launch LowrRx, you will be guided to adding your discount pharmacy card. Provide your name and phone number and your card will be issued to your passbook wallet and accessible on the home screen of the app. Simply press the LowRx icon on the home screen.

Flip the pass over if you should have any questions about the pass. There is pharmacy support and customer support information ready at your finger tips.

Add to Passbook Wallet

Quickly access your pass by storing it in your passbook wallet on iOS. No need to launch the app, we have that covered for you.

By adding a location to your Passbook LowRx pass, you will be alerted on your iPhone home and lock screen to use your LowRx card when you approach a pharmacy of your choice. Using smart technology, your phone will know when you arrive. Simply swipe the displayed notification, and your pass will be instantly presented to you on your phone for quick convenient use.

Get Started With An Estimate.


The drug you searched for will be listed here.

You can search for any generic or brand name drug in the bar above. Make sure you enter the proper quantity. Ex. 30 pills equals one month supply.

Locate and Phone a Pharmacy Near You

At your finger tips LowRx provides a listing of most pharmacy around you. See their location and proximity on a map to your current location. We provide a press to call button and press for directions when you select the pharmacy details screen. How easy is that?

Not sure where you are? Prefer text over graphics? Select the list view for a more simplistic text display.

Call a pharmacy of your choice and speak to the pharmacist's assistant. Provide your LowRx card information when they ask for insurance. They will provide you with exact pricing for your medication. *tip* it is best to phone a few pharmacies around you as prices do drastically vary from store to store and different locations.

You're Off: To Your Pharmacy.

Step by Step Instructions

LowRx app will provide you with voice guided instructions with turn by turn directions to a pharmacy you select.

It goes without saying, LowRx integrates nicely with the new Maps in iOS 6 and Siri.

Our Advanced Features:

Real-Time GPS Alerts

Add a location reminder to your pass via passbook and never forget to use it again!

Offline Access

Store your savings pass on Passbook and you will have offline access to your savings card. No need for internet connections.

Direction To A Pharmacy

In a strange city? New to town? Traveling? If you are use our pharmacy locator to find one in any US city.

Estimator and Coupons

Search for any drug you want. LowRx will display what you can expect to pay with our savings program. LowRx also includes special offers and coupons issued by the pharmacy companies directly on the app.